Frequently Asked Questions

Join over 700 leading franchise brands, representing more than 200,000 franchisees, competing for what is one of the most exclusive awards in franchising. Register today for the 10th Annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards and have the opportunity to be ranked among the best-of-the-best by your own franchisees.

What are the benefits to participating?
There are many benefits to participating in the annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards sponsored by Franchise Business Review. Aside from the obvious promotional value of winning this prestigious industry award, all participating companies will gain valuable insights into the experiences of their franchisees.

Recognition from your own franchisees could place your company among the most elite group of franchises in the industry... leading to extensive PR opportunities, media coverage, broad system exposure and a serious competitive advantage in the franchise recruitment marketplace. Franchise Business Review offers award winning franchises many opportunities to gain valuable exposure throughout the year.

Additionally, all participating franchise companies will receive their overall Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) rating. This completely private information will allow you and your franchise team to benchmark your system against the industry. You will also have the option to purchase a detailed franchisee satisfaction report including powerful sector benchmarking data.
How does the franchisee survey process work?
Once your registration is confirmed, Franchise Business Review staff will contact you to explain the details of the process and schedule the independent survey of your franchisees. The standard survey process is conducted online with franchisees being invited to participate via email. Each participating company will provide Franchise Business Review with a contact list of their franchisees with email addresses. For companies where email contact is not a viable option, Franchise Business Review offers telephone or intranet-based survey options for a fee.

Franchise Business Review contacts each franchisee and invites them to participate in a franchisee satisfaction survey. The online survey process takes 10 - 15 minutes for a franchisee to complete. Several email reminders will be sent to any "non-completed" franchisees to encourage participation in the survey.

The average survey project takes approximately 30 days to complete. Franchise Business Review averages a 50-70% completion rate via email. Optional phone follow up services are available for systems that wish to increase their franchisee participation.

All surveys must be completed by October 31 to be eligible for the awards. Participating companies will be notified of their award status by early December. The awards winners will be announced in January and we will host an awards reception at the IFA Conference in February. Winners will be posted on our awards website and published in our annual Top Franchises Guide in January.
What are the eligibility and registration requirements?
The awards are open to all North American based franchise companies with a minimum of 10 operating franchisees that have been in operation a minimum of one year. Participating companies must also be actively recruiting new franchisees within the U.S. Registrants are required to submit a complete contact list of their franchisees and a current franchise disclosure document (FDD) as part of their registration.
How will the award-winning companies be determined?
Each company will receive a Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) rating based on the average rating of each of their participating franchisees. Companies will be classified into categories based on company size and industry sector and the highest ranking companies in each category will become our annual Franchisee Satisfaction Award winners.
What types of questions are asked in the survey?
Franchise Business Review's standard franchisee satisfaction survey asks questions related to training & support, quality of products & services, marketing, competition, franchisor-franchisee relations, financial opportunity, and overall satisfaction. We also ask profile questions including market information, business lifestyle, business skills and experience and other franchisee demographics. Altogether, we ask 40 questions that give a very thorough indication of each franchisee's experience.
What if the results aren't very positive?
It is important to understand that the information that we collect through the survey process will be kept completely confidential. No company specific information is ever made public without the consent of the company. In a case where survey data may be less positive then you had hoped, only you and your team will have access to the information. Our optional franchisee satisfaction reports are extremely valuable to your operations team, to help pin-point exactly where the perceived strengths and challenges of the system are in the eyes of the franchisees.
What is the cost to register?
There is no cost to register for any qualifing franchise company. Franchise Business Review will survey your franchise owners via email and provide you with an overall Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) rating at no cost. Detailed franchisee satisfaction reports, including individual franchisee responses and industry benchmarking data are available for purchase, as well as additional marketing and consulting services provided by Franchise Business Review.
When will the awards be announced?
Award winners will be contacted by early December and the winners will be announced publicly in January.
Is the information submitted and collected confidential?
Yes... all materials submitted to Franchise Business Review, as well as any survey results collected are handled with complete confidence.
What is Franchise Business Review all about?
Franchise Business Review's mission is to help franchisors and franchisees exceed their business goals. Through research, education and shared best-practices on franchisee satisfaction and franchise relationship issues, Franchise Business Review is raising the bar across the franchise industry. To learn more about our company and the services we provide, please Take Our Tour!
What other services does Franchise Business Review provide?
Franchise Business Review provides a host of research, marketing and consulting services to help great franchise companies remain great, and help good franchise companies become great. To learn more about the broad array of services we offer, please call us today at 866-397-6680 or Take Our Tour.
When will award-winners be published?
Winning franchises will be notified individually prior to publication of any report. Our complete editorial calendar can be found at: http://franchisebusinessreview.com/editorial-calendar.php